Class Schedule

Classes from Primary and beyond are at least 40 minutes long to ensure that the syllabus is covered, whilst allowing enough time for the students to benefit from body stretching and conditioning as part of the class, and for the teacher to creatively tailor classes to ensure that every child really benefits, and takes pleasure from the session.

There is a restricted number of students in each class, which allows the teacher the opportunity to focus on an individual student’s needs, and ensures talent can flourish to its full potential.

For students who wish to train more seriously, there are pilates classes running alongside most of the higher grade lessons.

Class times vary year to year, so for more information please contact Miss Salmon.


Child protection policy

Physical contact is sometimes necessary to ensure correct technique but this is kept to a minimum and the child’s permission is always sought first, if deemed appropriate.  Photos will only be taken and used for publicity with prior permission from parents.  Videos on watching days will only be allowed if all parents agree.

Miss Salmon is fully insured and has been CRB checked.


4th Position: Feet placed as
3rd position, with one step apart.


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